Project Leader
Josef Rebenda
Brno University
of Technology

Site Editor
Oddgeir Tveiten
Future Learning Lab

  • The project consortium is composed of partners with distinct experience in Digital Education on different levels, ranging from a few months to decades. The consortium partners represent universities with different history and educational profiles, from general to technical and business oriented.

    The project consortium consists of:
    1) Brno University of Technology (CZ),
    2) University Politehnica of Bucharest (RO),
    3) University of Agder (NO),
    4) Bifröst University (IS).

  • The project duration is 2 years.
  • To make the HE institutions ready for Digital Education (DE), the two main project objectives are:
    A) to synthesize the main pedagogical and technological principles in the development of DE approaches including preparation of the supporting teaching materials, and development of a basic structure for DE recognition,
    B) to apply, test and validate these principles in different pilot modules/courses targeting different student cohorts at all partner universities.

  • The project target groups:
    i) students of a variety of study programmes with diverse background and learning skills,
    ii) teachers involved in Digital Education,
    iii) education and ICT experts with specialization in online learning.

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